The Future of Farmers in India and what are the Contributing Factors for Farmers Suicides today.

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The Future of Farming and Farmers in India: Agriculture is a largest economic sector and plays a significant role in the overall socio economic development of our country. More than 80 percent  of  the  farmers  working in  this sector  are  marginal and small scale farmers. India  is an  agricultural country with  agriculture  as  a  predominant  occupation  of  two third of working population  living the rural area. Agriculture is not only an  important occupation of our people, but also a way of life, culture and custom. Most of the Indian customs  and  festivals  are  observed  in  consonance  with  agriculture  seasons,  activities and  products.  The  rural  Indians  are  dependent  on  agriculture  as  a  main  source of livelihood. There  are  many  challenges  facing  today’s farmers. The nature and scale of these challenges vary according to whether they  farm  large  tracts  of  land  with  mechanized  cultivation of high  yield mono-culture crops  boosted  by …

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